Austin Nutritionist is an Answer to Prayer

I’ve not written much on my blog as I was back to using carepages this past fall thanks to 5 bouts of strep throat. Well, I’m back blogging and thanking God!

Years ago, when first diagnosed with cancer, a friend passed along nutritional advice her friend had received from Dr. Glen Luepnitz, a nutritionist who specialized in working with cancer patients in Austin. I followed the advice, taking CoQ10 for my heart, and a number of extra natural supplements. Along with prayer and Juice Plus, I was sure these helped me get through chemo without my red blood counts every dropping below normal range.

Well, in December I finally went to see Dr. Luepnitz after my tonsillectomy because of the the strep. Am I ever glad I did! I think I felt like the woman at the well in John 4 when Jesus told her all about herself. I booked and paid for an hour appointment, but Dr. Luepnitz spent well over 1.5 hours with me explaining what had happened to my body systemically and offering a prescription of natural supplements to go along with my current meds. No other doctor has so thoroughly explained the systemic issues related to cancer, chemo and how these are linked to this unbeatable strep I faced.

First, Dr. L. explained why I was in so much pain during my tonisillectomy. He traced it back to my northern european heritage and the fact that my people group are “poor methyl producers” thanks to a genetics. As it turns out, methyl is needed to make Tylenol and effective painkiller. Two weeks of Tylenol based pain meds, and I didn’t get much pain relief although the narcotics made me tired. However, as soon as I switched to Ibuprophen, the pain was much less. As it turns out, Ibuprophen doesn’t need methyl to be a painkiller.

Additionally, Irish/English/Scotch people (Germans, too) we are prone to be vitamin D deficient, thanks to our lovely white skin. And vitamin D, if in certain levels in the tissue, is an indicator that you won’t get cancer. He looked at my blood work and my D level was low in my blood, and probably lower in my tissues. He prescribed, just as my oncologist had, to take D3 supplements. He also told me to take 9 mcg’s of Biotin a day, which I think he said was linked to helping the D absorb into my tissue.

Next he talked about how to kill the strep in my body still living there, since I’m “colonized” as several doctors have said. As it turns out an Michigan State University professor makes something called lauricidin which is an natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal lipid (like monolaurin in breast milk) that will kill strep. I guess the military gives it to soldiers who will be exposed to germ warfare. Dr. L showed me a study online and told me to research myself at He explained that when he goes on medical missions trips (Dr. L is a strong Christian with a theology degree amongst his several degrees) he leaves this behind since it is much safer than antibiotics. He also recommended I take oregano oil in the form of p-73 (see

Finally, his biggest concern was cancer-prevention and the fact that my white blood cells are “dumb”, evidenced by the fact that they didn’t get the strep, and even before my cancer diagnosis they were out-of-whack and didn’t get the cancer. Three years ago, all my white blood cells were killed off in chemo and have all been regenerated in my body since then. Now, they don’t know to attack the right thing. He watched me and asked me if I realized how often I moved my head, shifted in my chair and showed signs of being in pain. I told him I’m always in pain somewhere in my body—my knee, my right shoulder, my back, my left hip…something always hurts. He said that’s from inflammation, my white blood cells attacking my joints. He prescribed turmeric (curcumin), to help with inflammation. My In-laws have touted the amazing healing effects of turmeric for years, and people in South India have lived by it for centuries. I’m now taking 2 “curcumin” tablets daily.

He also prescribed Diabest 2 (chromium blend) for my blood sugar issues and ZMT as a natural aromitase inhibitor to help prevent cancer by adjusting hormone levels — more testerone, less estrogen which fed the tumor I had. Of course, he told me to exercise and eat a higher protein, low fat diet. I told him I do the South Beach phase 2-3 and he liked that. He also gave a nod to the endocrinologist I see, saying she was his favorite in town.

Overall, I walked out of Dr. Luepnitz’s office and I was astounded that I met a God-fearing man who had dedicated his life and the gift of his mind to the pursuit of understanding bodies and restoring them to health using Western scientifically-proven medicine, along with scientifically-tested natural supplements, and he wanted me to do all my own research to understand how my body works! Knowing that God made our bodies to heal themselves, I appreciated that I was sitting with someone who shares my faith, my worldview, and seems to exemplify what it means to have a mind taken captive to Christ. In the confusing and bifurcated world of modern medicine, it was refreshing to see someone who seemed to understand so holistically!

Well, I was so thankful for this appointment! Now, after several weeks of these supplements I feel fantastic! No more naps are needed and I’ve stayed healthy despite being around sick people during the holidays.

follower of Jesus, breast cancer survivor, in ministry with my hubby, mom of 3, living in ATX

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